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Feldenkrais & Tai Chi

Alan Freebury
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Feldenkrais Method

Awareness Through Movement Classes
Functional Integration by appointment

Tai Chi

Rest in your step exploring gestures of balance

Lands End
San Francisco


Summer Holidays

Ticino Switzerland

August 30th - Sept 5, 2020

Join us for renewal, learning and holiday on the southern slopes of the Alps just above Lake Locarno on the Italian-Swiss border, in the Maggia Valley.

Morning tai chi is in silence, standing and exploring the fluidity of balance in movement. Early birds can join the optional sitting meditation before tai chi. Our two morning ATM (Awareness Through Movement) classes widen the exploration in the variety of the Feldenkrais tradition. After an afternoon of freedom, tai chi before dinner.

Samos Greece

Greek Island of Samos

June 18-23, 2019

Exploring Feldenkrais and Tai Chi within sight and sound of the sea is a wonderful way to discover new opportunities of sensing, feeling and action. This large island offers diversity-waterfalls within canyons, beautiful beaches and both fishing and mountain villages.

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